What´s New on the Site?
This page lists additions and amendments to the site by date.
(Does not include additions to the Gazetteer)

No. of Persons listed to date: 378   Earliest entry on site: 1679

27th May 2013
Photograph of Douglas Freear in Cowden Football Club added.

14th Feb 2013
Yet more apology for lack of updates. At last we have the correct software for the site once more and can start work over the next few weeks. Look for the long outstranding updates and corrections (yes...corrections!) in the near future.
2nd Jan 2012
Apology for lack of updates. Contact email address updated.
30th April 2010
Family records added for Mummery/Elgar, Elgar/Ann and Hunt/Scott.
27th April 2010
Family records added for Kimber/Elizabeth and Mummery/Hunt.
26th April 2010
Family records added for Richards/Kimber and Kimber/Collard.
25th April 2010
Existing Page side family record rollovers corrected.
24th April 2010
All Freear side family record rollover buttons corrected. Let me know if I have missed any!!!
23rd April 2010
Sorry...been a little busy with other things of late. Family records added (for what they are) for Shepherd/Ann and Bailey/Colyer. Bailey/Marsh record corrected to Bailey/Sarah. Rollover button failures on several family records noted. To be corrected.
18th April 2010
William Welch & Lucy removed from pedigree. Further research to be carried out. Family record added for Gilham/Esther.
16th April 2010
In case anyone out there (if there is anyone out there) is wondering why the date last updated changes sometimes on the home page, with no corresponding entry here, it is because new gazetteer entries are not listed on this page, whilst still counting as updates.
13 April 2010
Family records added for Ellen/Sarah and Ellen/Adams.
11th April 2010
The arrival of Pegman! Google's own intrepid traveller Pegman has arrived with us. Where he appears in the lower right hand corner of an image, click and wait for the interactive street view. The Google logo is now shown on Google linked maps (again lower right hand corner). The notes below the images are now dicontinued.
9th April 2010
Family records added for Gunton/Brittin, Gunton/Sharrock, Gunton/Roberts and Wright/Elmer. (Some minor additions to burials over previous days)
6th April 2010
Family records added for Shilling/Measures and Measures/Ann.
5th April 2010
Family record added for Gunton/Wright. Research continued on Mary (Mother of Ann Dunham) and family record added. Gazetteer link added to Home Page.
4th April 2010
Continuing with the Gazetteer...Halland, Outwell and Sandwich completed. Google Street View links have been added to modern photos within the gazetteer entries. (Look for the message below the image.) Further work will not be reported here but the place names on the family records will change to links as they are added.
3rd April 2010
New family Haines/Dove added. Amendments and additions to Haines/Hovell and Haines/Westwood.. (Info. courtesy of the "Cox" family tree.)
2nd April 2010
Work commenced on the site "Gazetteer" which will contain information on all the areas included in the site. This will allow direct links from town and village names to a gazetteer page about the location which will incude onward links to Google Maps etc. The system will replace the "Places" section of the Family Records. Wisbech gazetteer page completed, with links from Freear/Hempson and Freear/Ashworth.
31st March 2010
Family records added for Shilling/Gunton, Shilling/Sabbteron.
30th March 2010
Family record for added for Haines/Westwood. Stats. added to this page. Grandchildren and latter generations added to names list.
28th March 2020
Family Record added for Haines/Hovell.
27th March 2010
Deaths traced for William and Elizabeth Shilling. Mary Sabberton name spelling corrected.
26th March 2010
Ann Green corrected to Ann Dunham. Family Records added for Haines/Taylor and Shilling/Dunham. Names list updated.
Death traced for Sarah Taylor.
23rd March 2010
Correction to Freear/Allen son's name. Will added for Freear/Bingham. Family Records added for Niker/Elizabeth and Hempson/Anna
21st March 2010
England pedrigee corrected. Family records added:: Gilbert/England, England/Ann, England/Bellars. Places info. added Hempson/HainesSome map links added.
19th March 2010
Map added to Freear/Hempson Family Record. Minor design changes to all Family Record pages.
Chester/Gilbert Family Record added. House and area photos added for Freear/Ashworth. Area photos added for Freear/Hempson.
18th March 2010
Family record completed for Ashworth/West. (Names list updated)
17th March 2010
Family records completed for Freear/Bingham, Beaton/Goodwin and Bonus/Gowler (Names list updated)
16th March 2010
Family record completed for Freear/Allen. (Names list updated). Names List format improved with index buttons. Last update link removed from Home Page. Format of this page simplified.
15th March 2010
Family record completed for Freear/Beaton. (Names list updated)
14th March 2010
Names List extended to include all direct ancestors and all known children where family record exists.
Family record added for Page/Mary. Link to Bailey/Marsh family record activated. "Family Tree" home page button renamed.
Documents added for Freear/Page and Page/Bailey
13th March 2010
Additional photos Page/Bailey and Freear/Page. Correction to 1871 census William Freear.
Documents added for Bailey/Richards and Bailey/Shepherd. Family info. record added for Bailey/Marsh.
Sarah Marsh Birth/Christening corrected and previous ancestry line removed. Addititions to Names List (some earlier generations)
12th March 2010
Photo Albums amended for Freear/Page and Page/Bailey. Photo album amended for Bailey/Richards.
More detail of births of children of Bailey/Richards. Documents added for Ernest Page (Page/Welch) and Bailey/Richards
11th March 2010
Additions to Bailey/Richards family info. record. Photo album added for Bailey/Richards.
10th March 2010
Return to home page image issues resolved on all pages (hopefully).
9th March 2010
Latest design change to family info. records completed.
8th March 2010
Design change to family info. records completed. New menu pads on home page. (Comments on colours on a postcard please to.....)
7th March 2010
All census transcript links now available back to Great Grandparents.
Family Photo Albums commenced with Freear/Page and Page/Bailey. (Both still incomplete)
Design change commenced to family information records.
6th March 2010
Census transcript links completed for Page/Bailey, Page/Welch, Bailey/Richards, Page/Ellen, Welch/Gilham
Burials William Freear & Mary Ann Ashworth, Death of Ann Beeton
Names List Introduced (incomplete)
5th March 2010
Census transcript links completed for Hempson/Niker, Haines/Shilling
4th March 2010
All census transcript links completed for Freear/Hempson, Freear/Ashworth, Freear/Bonus, Ashworth/Chester, Hempson/Haines
3rd March 2010
Surname added for Hannah, wife of William Bonus (2nd Gt. Grandparent - Freear Line)
2nd March 2010
1911 census detail added for Elizabeth Niker, Ellen Shilling, Page/Bailey, Page/Welch, Bailey/Richards
Forename corrected for Elizabeth Niker, Date of death inserted for Frances Gilham, Changes to design colours etc.
1st March 2010
1911 census detail added for Freear/Ashworth, Freear/Hempson & Hempson/Haines.
Email link added. Robert Taylor Haines: Death amended
28th Feb 2010
Remainder of basic family information records completed for recent generations. (2nd Great Grandparents). More features to be added within all these pages, including more census transcripts, photos, certificates etc.
1996 photo added to home page and menu repositioned. This page added