Individual Family Information

Bailey / Sarah (Unknown)

Husband William Bailey
Born 4 February 1796, Shepherdswell, Kent
Christened 28 February 1796, Shepherdswell, Kent
Died 29 December 1879, Wootton, Kent

Marriage August 1825, Canterbury, Kent (?)

Wife Sarah (Unknown)
Died 5 April 1881, Hougham, Dover, Kent

Known Children Mary 1818, Barnham, Kent (Christened 1 March 1818)

Abt. 1821, Kent

  John Abt. 1824, Wootton, Kent
  William Abt. 1829, Kent
  George Abt. 1832, Kent
  Sarah Abt. 1834, Kent
  James Abt. 1836, Kent
  Stephen Abt. 1839, Kent
  Thomas 25 September 1842, Wootton Kent (Died Abt. 1921)

Census Records

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William and Sarah

1841 Census
40yrs (Kent) Occ Ag Lab Living Wootton Kent with wife Sarah 40yrs (Kent) Daughter Elizabeth 20yrs(Kent) William 12yrs (Kent) George 9yrs (Kent) Sarah 7yrs (Kent) James 5yrs (Kent) Stephen 2yrs (Kent). Lived next door to Rectory.

1851 Census
55yrs (Netherwell Kent) Occ Ag Lab Living Wootton Kent with wife Sarah 52yrs (Barham Kent) sons James 14yrs (Wootton Kent) and Thomas 8yrs (Wootton Kent)

1861 Census
Down on census as Barley wife as Bailey
65yrs(Shepherdswell Kent) Occ Lab living 13 Gibblethorn Wootton Kent with wife Sarah 62yrs (Denton Kent)

1871 Census
75yrs (Shepherdswell Kent) Occ Pauper Living Wootton Kent with wife Sarah 71yrs (Barham Kent)


Birth of Thomas

William's death

Sarah's Death

Other Information

1824 resided at Buttermilk Hole, Wootton Occ Husbandman
Occ 1841 - 1846 Agricultural Labourer.
Died of old age, present at death son John Bailey.