Individual Family Information

Bailey / Shepherd

Husband John Bailey
Born About 1824, Wootton, Kent.
Christened 11 January 1824, St Martins Wootton, Kent.
Died 21 January 1892, Dover, Kent.

Marriage 14 October 1846. St. Martins Parish Church, Wootton, Kent.

Wife Jane Shepherd
Born About 1824, possibly Wootton, Kent.
Died 24 August 1899, Dover, Kent

Known Children John Abt. 1847, Wootton, Kent.
  William Abt. 1849, Wootton, Kent.
  Josiah Abt. 1850, Wootton, Kent.
  Robert Abt. 1853, Wootton, Kent.
  Anne Abt. 1855, Wootton, Kent.
  Jane Abt. 1858, Wootton, Kent.
  James Abt. 1860, Wootton, Kent.
  Thomas 28 May 1864, Wootton, Kent.

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)


1841 Census
(Shown as "Baylay") 15yrs (Kent) Occ Male Servant Living Barnham Bridge Barnham Kent

John & Jane

(No trace of Jane 1841)

1851 Census
27 yrs (Wootton, Kent). Occ. Labourer. Living Wootton Village with wife Jane 27 yrs (Unknown), John 4 yrs (Wootton), William 2 yrs (Wootton) and Josiah 5 months (Wootton). (Father and Mother, William and Sarah living next door)

1861 Census
37 yrs (Wootton Kent). Occ. Labourer. Living Wootton Head, Wootton with wife Jane 37 yrs (British Subject) William 12 yrs (Wootton), Josiah 10 yrs (Wootton), Robert 8 yrs (Wootton), Anne 6 yrs (Wootton), Jane 3 yrs (Wootton) and James 1 yr (Wootton)

1871 Census
49 yrs (Wootten Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Wooten Road, Wootten with wife Jane 47 yrs (Not Known, Kent), Jane 12 yrs (Wootten), James 11 yrs (Wootten) and Thomas 6 yrs (Wootten)

1881 Census
57 yrs (Wootten Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Wootten Street, Wootten with wife Jane 57 yrs (Wootten) Robert 28 yrs (Wootten) Occ. Ag. Lab. and Tom 16 yrs (Wootten Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab

1891 Census
68yrs (Wootton Kent) Occ Labourer (shown as Bayley) Living Wootton Street. Wootton With wife Jane 68yrs (Wootton)



Josiah' marriage

John's death

Jane´s Death

Josiah's death

Other Information

John: Died of Acute Bronchitis aged 68. Daughter-in-law Charlotte Bailey in attendance at 12 Victoria Street, Dover..

Jane: Parents William and Ann. Died of Paralysis aged (76) Living in Union Workhouse Dover Kent Death Informant daughter-in-law Charlotte Bailey.