Individual Family Information

Niker / Elizabeth (Unknown)

Husband William Niker
Born About 1793, Norfolk.
Died Apr / June 1856, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Marriage Before 1832 (?)

Wife Elizabeth (Unknown)
Born About 1808, Westwold, Norfolk
Died Jan / Mar 1861, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Known Children William Abt. 1832, Upwell, Norfolk.
  Elizabeth Jane Abt. 1834, Upwell, Norfolk.
  Mary Ann Abt. 1835, Upwell, Norfolk.
  Susannah 1837, Upwell. (Christened 07/05/1837)
  Harriett Abt. 1840, Upwell, Norfolk.
  Ann 1841, Upwell. (Christened 28/11/1841)

Census Records

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William & Elizabeth

1841 Census
45 yrs (Norfolk) Occ. Wheelwright J. Living Bardolph Bank, Upwell, Norfolk with wife Elizabeth 35 yrs (Norfolk), William 10 yrs (Norfolk), Jane 8 yrs (Norfolk), Mary Ann 6 yrs (Norfolk), Susanna 4 yrs (Norfolk) and Harriet 1 yr (Norfolk)

1851 Census
58 yrs (Sals???load, Norfolk) Occ. Wheelwright, Living Outwell Isle, Norfolk with wife Elizabeth 43 yrs (Westwold, Norfolk), William 19 yrs (Upwell) Occ. Bricklayer's Labourer, Elizabeth J. 17 yrs (Upwell, Norfolk), Mary Ann 15 yrs (Upwell), Susan 13 yrs (Upwell), Harriet 10 yrs (Upwell) and Ann 8 yrs (Upwell)


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