Individual Family Information

Dunham / Mary (Unknown)

Wife Mary (Unknown)
Born About 1787, Somersham, Huntingdonshire.
Died Apr / Jun 1864 or Jul / Sep 1865, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire.

1st Marriage (?) 1803 / 1815, Huntingdonshire (?)

1st Husband (?) (Unknown) Dunham
Born Before 1799, Huntingdonshire (?)
Died After 1815, Huntingdonshire (?)

Known Children Ann Abt. 1815, Somersham, Huntingdonshire.

2nd (?) Marriage 25 August 1835, Willingham Cambridgeshire.

2nd (?) Husband Isaac Green
Born About 1786, Hake, Norfolk.
Died 1851 / 1861 - Possibly Jan / Mar 1854, Cambridgeshire.

Known Children None  

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)

Mary & Isaac

1841 Census
50 yrs (Not in County) Living Stow Bardolph, Norfolk with husband Isaac, 55 yrs. (In County) (Occ. Miller) and his(?) son Robert, 25 yrs (In County) Occ Ag.Lab.

1851 Census
65 yrs (Somersham, Hunts) Living George Lane, Warboys, Hunts. with husband Isaac, 69 yrs (Hake, Norfolk) Occ. Miller.


1861 Census
74 yrs (Somersham) Widow, Occ. Formerly a Nurse (Mother-in-Law) Living Butchers Hill, Littleport, Cambs with William Shilling 46 yrs (Chatteris, Cambs) Occ. Farm Bailif of 400 acres employing 8 labourers, 8 women and 7 boys his wife Ann 46 yrs (Somersham, Hunts), Ellen 19 yrs (Chatteris), Sarah 14 yrs (Chatteris), Emily 11 yrs (Chatteris). Also in house Elizabeth Hall, Grandaughter, 3 yrs (Littleport Cambs), and Robert Haines 20 yrs (Fleet, Lincs) (Ellen's future husband) Occ. Ag. Lab. and 3 other boarders.


Awaits Completion

Other Information

It is not known whether Mary was married when she gave birth to Ann, therefore the use of the name Dunham as "husband" is only an assumption.