Family Photos

Bailey and Richards

Annie Elizabeth

Thomas Snr. with Fred Prescott

Rosetta Jnr. (left) and Annie (right) at school

Alice and Charlie



Edward Prescott (Frances' husband)

Edward Prescott with Frances & Florrie

Fred Bailey

Fred Prescott

Fred Prescott

L to R (Rear) Frances Mary Page, Annie Elizabeth Page Alice Bailey, unknown, unknown, Ivy Bailey, Aubrey Page. (Seated) Rosetta Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Charles Robert Bailey (On Ground) Brenda (Frances Mary Pages youngest) Arthur (Alice Bailey's son)

Rosetta Jnr. at her wedding. Thomas and Rosetta at rear with (probably) Ferris' brother.

Ivy Honor

Joe (Josiah?)




Possibly Rosetta Snr. with Norman

Florrie Prescott

Florrie Prescott: Christmas 1911

Rosetta Jnr. (Rhoda)

From left to right- 1st man and 4th woman (in hat) were cousins of Joyce Page. 5th (2nd woman in hat) is Annie Bailey-
then Ferris and Rosetta Jnr. (Bride and Groom). Thomas Bailey, Rosetta Snr., Frances Bailey (Cousin).
Ferris was a Colour Sergeant in the 1914-18 war and went to India.

Ivy Honor with Thomas Jnr.

Aunt Alice and Family