Individual Family Information

Page / Bailey

Husband Ernest Stephen Page
Born 26 January 1889, Newington, Kent
Died 13 December 1977, Hythe, Kent

Marriage Oct/Dec 1914, Elham, Kent

Wife Annie Elizabeth Bailey
Born 21 May 1886, Hougham, Kent
Died 8 January 1983, Lyminge, Kent

Known Children Violet Bn. January 1915, Kent
  Aubrey Bn. 23 July 1916, Kent
  Joyce Bn. 18 December 1922, Sandwich, Kent
  Miriam Bn. 31 August 1929, Sandwich, Kent

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)


1891 Census
2 yrs (Newington Kent). Living North Lyminge Kent with father George 25 yrs (Ewell Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. mother Sarah Jane 27 yrs (Elham Kent) and William H. 5 yrs (Elham)

1901 Census
12 yrs (Newington Kent) Living Upper Handen, Hawkinge, Kent) with father George 35 yrs (Dover Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab., mother Sarah 39 yrs (Elham Kent), William 15 yrs (Elham), Edward J. 10 yrs (Barham Kent), Annie 6 yrs (Barham), Frederick A 4 yrs (Hawkinge) and Caroline 1 yr (Hawkinge)

1911 Census
24 yrs (Hawkinge, Kent) Occ. Cowman. Boarder at Felgis Court, Hawkinge, Kent. House of James Jell, his wife, their 10 children and servants.


1891 Census
4 yrs (Hougham Kent). Living 3 Ash Trees Cottages, Capel Le Fern with father Thomas 26 yrs (Wootten, Kent). Occ., Ag. Lab, mother Rosetta 28 yrs (???stone), Josiah 8 yrs (Wootten), Rosetta 6 yrs (A????, Kent), Frances (F) 3 yrs (Hougham) and Thomas 9 months (Capel Le Fern)

1901 Census
14 yrs (Hougham Kent). Living Sutton, Kent with father Thomas 37 yrs (Wooton Kent) Occ. Farm Manager, mother Rosetta 38 yrs (Newington Kent), Frances (F) 13 yrs Hougham, Charley 8 yrs (Caple Kent), Jane 3 yrs (Caple) and Frederick 1 wk (Sutton)

1911 Census
24 yrs (Hougham, Kent). Living Vale Farm, Hawkinge, Kent father Thomas Bailey, 46 yrs (Wooton, Kent) Occ. Farmer, mother, Rosetta, 47 yrs (Newington, Kent), Charley, 19 yrs, (Caple, Kent) Occ. Wagoner, Ivy Honer (Jane?), 13 yrs (Caple, Kent), School, Graham Frederick, 10 yrs (Sutton, Kent), School, Norman George, 7 yrs (Alkham, Kent), School. Other Information: Parents married 28 yrs., 10 children, 8 living.


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