Individual Family Information

Hempson / Haines

Husband William Hempson
Born Apr / June 1860, Outwell, Norfolk
Died Jan / Mar 1943, Downham, (Now Cambridgeshire)

Marriage Oct / Dec 1884, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Wife Ann Haines
Born July / Sept 1863, Ely, Cambridgeshire.
Died Apr / June 1936, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Known Children Annie 1 August 1885, Outwell, Norfolk.
  William 1889, Outwell, Norfolk.
  Walter Oct / Dec 1890, Outwell, Norfolk.
  Ellen Apr / June 1894, Outwell, Norfolk.
  Robert Apr / June 1895, Outwell, Norfolk.
  Lucy Jan / Mar 1898, Outwell, Norfolk.
  George Apr / June 1900, Outwell, Norfolk.

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)


1861 Census
1 yr (Outwell, Norfolk), Living Common District, Outwell, Norfolk with father Joseph 30 yrs (Oxbury, Norfolk) Occ. Ag. Lab., mother Jane, 27 yrs (Upwell, Norfolk), Eliza 2 yrs (Upwell, Norfolk), Ann Niker 20 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk) Sister Unmarried, no particular profession, George 3 yrs (Outwell, Cambs).

1871 Census
11 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk) living Mullicote Drove, Outwell, Norfolk with father Joseph 40 yrs (Oxborough, Norfolk) Occ. Labourer, mother Jane 38 yrs (Upwell, Norfolk) Eliza 12 yrs (Upwell, Norfolk), George 9 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Rosetta 8 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Elizabeth 6 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk) Joseph 4 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk).

1881 Census
21 yrs No place shown. Occ. Farm Servant (in door) Living "Road leading from Outwell to acquaduct", Outwell, Wisbech. Working for John Harvey 40 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Occ. Farmer of 65 acres employing 3 men, his wife Francis 41 yrsa (Emneth, Norfolk) and their children.

1891 Census
31 yrs (Outwell), Occ. Ag. Lab, living Turnpike, Elm, Wisbech, Cambs with wife Ann 28 yrs (Welney, Norfolk), Anne 5 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk) John 2 yrs (Elm), Walter 5 months (Elm)

1901 Census
41 yrs ((Outwell, Norfolk)) Occ. Horsekeeper on Farm, living Wisbech Road, Outwell with wife Ann 37 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Annie 15 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk) scholar, William (John?) 12 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Walter 10 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Ellen 7 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Robert 6 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), Lucy 3 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk), George 11 months (Outwell, Norfolk)

1911 Census
50 yrs (Outwell, Norfolk). Occ. Farm Labourer. Living Outwell with wife Anne, 48 yrs (Wenley, Norfolk), Occ. Housework and son Walter, 20 yrs (Emmeth, Norfolk) Occ. Farm Labourer, son Robert 16 Yrs (Outwell), Occ. Farm Labourer, daughter Lucy, 13 yrs (Outwell), School, and son George, 11 yrs (Outwell), School. (Other details shown: William married 27 years, 7 children, all living.)


1871 Census
8 yrs (Little Downham, Cambridge). Living North Delph, Upwell Norfolk with father Robert 27 yrs (Lincolnshire) Occ. Ag. Lab. mother Ellen 25 yrs Occ. Ag. Lab. (Chatteries, Cambs), Jonthan 5 yrs (Little Downham) and James 8 months (Upwell)

1881 Census
17 yrs (Little Downham, Cambs) Living/Staying at Fun Bridge Hall, Bottisham, Newmarket, Cambs with Grandfather William Shilling 63 yrs (Chatteris, Cambs) Occ. Farm Baliff (for Frederick King 25 yrs, Farming 1250 acres and living with mother, 2 sisters and 4 servants at Hall), Grandmother Ann 72 yrs (Somersham Huntingdonshire).

(Then as per William)


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