Individual Family Information

Welch / Gilham

Husband Stephen Welch
Born 1820, Swingfield, Kent.
Christened 2 April 1820, Swingfield, Kent.
Died Jul / Sept 1868, Maidstone, Kent.

1st Marriage Oct / Dec 1850, Elham, Kent.

1st Wife Susannah Revell
Born About 1833, Acrise, Kent.
Died Jul / Sept 1853, Elham, Kent.

Known Children None  

2nd Marriage Oct / Dec 1862, Elham, Kent.

2nd Wife Frances Gilham (Fanny)
Born About 1835, Elham, Kent.
Died Jul / Sept 1853, Elham, Kent.
Buried Apr / Mar 1907, Elham, Kent

Frances remarried in Oct / Dec 1876 (Elham, Kent) to a William Fittall
(Born 1834, Acrise, Kent, died Oct / Dec 1906, Elham, Kent).
No children are known to this marriage.

Known Children Sarah Jane Jan / Mar 1863, Elham, Kent.
  Lucy Abt. 1866, Elham, Kent.
  William Abt. 1867, Elham, Kent.

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)


1841 Census
20 yrs (Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Ridge Row Acrise Kent. Working for John Court 75 yrs (Kent) Farmer and his wife Sarah 75 yrs (Not Kent) and Ann Court 11 yrs (Kent)

1851 Census
29 yrs (Swingfield Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Winterage, Elham, Kent with wife Susanna 18 yrs (Acrise Kent).

1861 Census
40 yrs (Swingfield, Kent). Occ Ag. Lab. Living Swingfield Minnis, Elham, Kent. Next house is Henry Gilham 60 yrs (Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. and his wife Hester 50 yrs (Elham) parents of Frances (Stephen's future wife)


1841 Census
6 yrs (Kent). Living Acrise Village, Kent with father Henry 40 yrs (Kent), Occ. Ag. Lab. mother Esther 30 yrs (Kent), Mary 13 yrs (Kent), George 10 yrs (Kent), Henry 9 yrs (Kent), Susanna 4 yrs (Kent) and baby (F) 2 wks (Kent).

1851 Census
(Shown as F.J.) 16 yrs (Elham Kent), Living Acrise Village Kent with father Henry 50 yrs (Wingham Kent) mother Esther 40 yrs (Bladbenn? Kent), S (F) 14 yrs (Acrise), E.E. (F) 10 yrs (Acrise), E (F) 8 yrs (Acrise), J (M) 5 yrs (Acrise) and J (F) 3 yrs (Acrise).

1861 Census
26 yrs (Elham, Kent). Occ. Servant. Working at Winterage, Elham for Richard Court 55 yrs (Farmer of 196 acres employing 2 labourers), and his brother Clement. 47 yrs.

1871 Census
Shown as Welsh. 37 yrs (Elham Kent) widow, Living Swingfield Minnis Elham with Sarah 8 yrs (Elham), Lucy 5 yrs (Elham), William 4 yrs (Elham) and parents Henry Gilham 70 yrs (Elham) Occ. Ag Lab and Hester Gilham 57 yrs (Elham).

1881 Census
49 yrs (Elham). Living Cottage, Hope Farm?, Folkestone Kent. Married to William Fittall 47 yrs (Acrise Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. also in house son William 16 yrs (Acrise).

1891 Census
55 yrs (Acrise Kent). Living Ridge Row Cottages, Acrise Elham Kent with husband William 55 yrs (Acrise) Occ. Road Labourer. Alsi in house Maud Howard 5 yrs (Folkestone) Nurse Child.

1901 Census
66 yrs (Acrise Kent) Living Ridge Row Acrise with husband William 66 yrs (Acrise). Occ. Ag. Lab. Living in next house are John and Harriett Page, Frances' daughter's (Sarah Jane Welch) mother & father-in-law.


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