Individual Family Information

Richards / Kimber

Husband Richard Richards
Born About 1781, Kent.
Died 1861 / 1871, Kent.

Marriage 3 March 1804, Lyminge, Kent

Wife Sarah Kimber
Born About 1783, Paddlesworth, Kent
Christened 10 Feburary 1783, Paddlesworth, Kent
Died Jul / Sep 1869, Elham, Kent.

Known Children Richard Abt. 1812, Folkestone. (Christened 13/01/1812)
  Ann (Problably died prior to 1824) Abt. 1814, Folkestone. (Christened 01/01/1815)
  Susan Abt. 1817, Folkestone. (Christened 21/02/1817)
  Elizabeth Abt. 1819, Folkestone. (Christened 25/04/1819)
  Thomas Abt. 1821, Folkestone. (Christened 06/05/1821)
  Ann Abt. 1823, Folkestone. (Christened 25/01/1824)
  Alice Abt. 1825, Folkestone. (Christened 09/10/1825)
  Charles Abt. 1829, Folkestone. (Christened 06/09/1829)

Census Records

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Richard & Sarah

1841 Census
60 yrs (Kent). Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Dane Folkestone Kent with wife Sarah 55 yrs (Kent). In same house are Richard Bows 35 yrs (Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Susan(?) Bows 25 yrs (Kent), Ellen Bows 3 yrs (Kent) and Alfred Bows 1 month. (Bows believed to be Bowers..daughter Susan, husband and family)

1851 Census
70yrs (Swingfield Kent) Occ Ag Lab living Dane Folkestone Kent with wife Sarah 68yrs (Paddlesworth Kent) Grandaughter Ellen Bowers 12yrs (Folkstone) and Grandson Alfred Bowers 8yrs (Folkstone)
Living next door are Henry Mummery 70yrs (Newington Kent). Occ Pauper Ag Lab with wife Ann 68yrs (Newington) Pauper. (Richard and Sarahs son's (Thomas) wife's parents)

1861 Census
84 yrs (Newington). Occ. Ag. Lab Living Dane Cottage Folkestone Kent his wife Sarah 82 yrs (Paddlesworth, Kent). Also living in house is Henry Mummery 75 yrs (Cheriton Kent.) Widower. Occ. Ag. Lab. (Richard & Sarah's son Thomas' father-in-law.)
Living 2 doors off at Elvington Cottage are son Thomas 38 yrs (Folkestone Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. with wife Frances 33 yrs (Folkestone), William H. 10 yrs (Newington Kent), Mary Ann 8 yys (Newington), Thomas J. 6 yrs (Newington), James 3 yrs (Folkestone) and Charles 5 months (Folkestone)
Living next door to Thomas and Frances, in the other direction at Gibralter Cotage is Richard Page 47 yrs (Newington) Occ. Ag. Lab with his wife and family.

1871 Census
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