Individual Family Information

Haines / Hovell

Husband John Haines
Born 1769, Welney, Norfolk.
Christened 6 September 1769, Welney, Norfolk.
Died 1851, Littleport, Cambridgeshire. (See other information)

Marriage 22 May 1791, Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

Wife Ann Hovell (See other information)
Born 1766, Denver, Norfolk.
Christened 0
Died 1851, Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

Known Children William Abt. 1794, Welney, Norfolk. (Died prior to 1821?)
  John Abt. 1796, Welney, Norfolk
  James Abt. 1800, Littleport. (Christened 1803)
  Jonathon Abt. 1803, Welney, Norfolk
  Elizabeth Abt. 1804, Welney (Christened 13/05/1804)
  Phillip Abt. 1806, Welney, Norfolk
  Thomas Abt. 1809, Welney, Norfolk
  Henry Abt. 1810, Welney, Norfolk
  William Abt. 1821, Welney, Norfolk (Twin with Ann?)
  Ann Abt. 1821, Welney, Norfolk

Census Records

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John & Ann

1841 Census
75 years, (Cambridgeshire) Occ. Labourer, Living Bells Drove, Littleport, Cambs. with wife Ann, 75 years, (not in County) William, 20 years, (Cambs.) Occ. Labourer, Ann, 20 years (Cambs) and Roberts Collins, 20 years, (Cambs) Occ. Labourer.

1851 Census
84 years, (Littleport, Cambs.), Occ. Labourer receiviing alms., living Bells Drove, Littleport, Cambs. with wife Ann, 84 years (Denver, Norfolk), Occ. Labourer receiviing alms (?), daughter Ann Collins, 32 years, (Littleport) and grandchildren Rebecca Collins, 9 years (Littleport) and Mary Ann Collins, 5 years (Littleport)


Awaits Completion

Other Information

Ann's maiden name may be "Novell"

James was apparently the only child shown as Littleport which might have brought the link with the siblings, all shown Welney, into doubt. However, luckily, Ann is still with John and Ann in 1841, thus evidencing the connection.

John died in Bell's Drove, Littleport from Senectute. Certified (Old Age)