Individual Family Information

Richards / Mummery

Husband Thomas Richards
Born About 1821, Folkestone, Kent.
Christened 6 May 1821, Folkestone, Kent.
Died Jan / Mar 1906, Dover, Kent.

Marriage Oct / Dec 1848, Elham, Kent.

Wife Frances Mummery
Born About 1826, Folkestone, Kent.
Died 1891 / 1901, Kent

Known Children Richard Abt. 1849, Paddlesworth, Kent.
  William H. Abt. 1851, Newington, Kent.
  Mary Ann Abt. 1853, Newington, Kent.
  Thomas J. Abt. 1855, Newington, Kent.
  James Abt. 1858, Folkestone, Kent.
  Charles Abt. 1860, Folkestone, Kent.
  Rosetta 17 March 1863, Elvington, Kent
  Stephen Abt. 1860, Folkestone, Kent.

Census Records

(Census Data entries show age as recorded, (place of birth), address, others in house, with relationships and occupations, and any notes of interest. Click on links to see original transcripts.)


1841 Census
20 yrs (Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Temple(?) Farm, Ewell, Kent and working for William Marsh 45 yrs (Kent) Occ. Farmer and his wife Sarah 30 yrs (Kent. They have total of 1 servant and 6 Ag. Labs.

1851 Census
33 yrs (Folkestone Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Arpinge, Newington, Hythe Kent with wife Frances 24 yrs (Newington), Richard 2 yrs (Paddlesworth Kent) and William H 3 months (Newington)

1861 Census
38 yrs (Folkestone Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab. Living Elvington Cottage, Folkestone with wife Frances 33 yrs (Folkestone), William H. 10 yrs (Newington Kent), Mary Ann 8 yys (Newington), Thomas J. 6 yrs (Newington), James 3 yrs (Folkestone) and Charles 5 months (Folkestone)
Living 2 doors off at Dane Cottage are Richard Richards 84 yrs (Newington). Occ. Ag. Lab and his wife Sarah 82 yrs (Paddlesworth, Kent) also Henry Mummery 75 yrs (Cheriton Kent.) Widower. Occ. Ag. Lab.
Living next door to Thomas and Frances, in the other direction at Gibralter Cottage is Richard Page 47 yrs (Newington) Occ. Ag. Lab with his wife and family.

1871 Census
49 yrs (Folkestone, Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab.. Living Elvington, Folkestone Kent with wife Frances 43 yrs (Newington Kent) Charles 9 yrs (Folkestone), Rosatta 7 yrs (Folkestone), Ann S.J. 5 yrs (Folkestone) and Stephen 3 yrs (Folkestone).

1881 Census
61 yrs (Folkestone Kent) Occ. Farm Labourer. Living (?) Cottage, Hill Farm, Alkham Kent with wife Francis 51 yrs (Newington Kent), Richard 31 yrs (Paddlesworth Kent) Occ. Farm Labourer, Thomas 26 yrs (Newington), Occ. Farm Labourer, James 24 yrs (Folkestone) Occ. Farm Labourer, Charles 19 yrs (Folkestone) Occ. Farm Labourer and Stephen 15 yrs (Folkestone).

1891 Census
76 yrs (Folkestone Kent) Occ. Farm Labourer. Living Arpinge, Newington, Kent with wife Frances 67 yrs (Newington), Thmoas J. 36 yrs (Newington) Occ Farm Labourer, James 34 yrs (Folkestone) Occ Farm Labourer and Charles 31 yrs (Folkestone) Occ Farm Labourer.

1901 Census
84 yrs (Folkestone Kent). Occ. Ag. Lab. Widower. Living the District Dover Union Workhouse, St. Marys Dover Kent)


1841 Census
15 yrs (Kent) Living Dane Folkestone Kent with father Henry 50 yrs (Kent). Occ. Ag. Lab., mother Ann 50 yrs (Kent), Henry 20 yrs (Kent) Occ. Ag. Lab), Sophie 12 yrs (Kent) and John 9 yrs (Kent)

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