The Freear & Page Families



Please excuse the lack of updates to this site for so long. This has been due to a number of reasons beyond our control. We expect to be able to restart our research in the next 2 or 3 months and, when we do, this site will, once again, be regularly updated.

Jill Bicknell
(2nd January 2012)

Notes on Copyright

We have used a number of images, captured from the internet, in this site. As far as we are aware, having investigated the relevant legislation, we are not infringing any copyright because:

1. The images in use are, themselves, copies of books, postcards etc and, almost certainly, any copyright would not be owned by the author of the site from which they have been taken

2. The original publications are all, as far as we believe, out of copyright, which only lasts 75 years after the death of the author, photographer etc.

Therefore, we believe that we are fully in compliance with all copyright requirements. We would, however, like to make the following observations with regard to comments that we have read on chat sites.

a) This site is a non commercial site, published on the web for family information purposes (see introductrion on the home page) and for the interest of other people with connected family histories.

b) Most ameteur genealogists are more than willing to share material selfessly. Any other person engaged in non commercial family history research etc. is very welcome to use images or material from this site, including family photographs. In fact we would be very interested to learn if our material has been of use to others!

c) We have a perfectly usable "contact" facility on the home page through which we can be emailed in case of query or complaint about our content. We have received no complaints to date.

A message to anyone who actually owns the legal copyright to any material on this site:

If you feel that we are in breach of your copyright and that the use of the material within this family site is unlawful, please contact us through the facility on our home page, with evidence of your copyright. We apologise unreservedly for any misuse and will immediately remove the offending text or image.

Finally a message to others who have reproduced printed material (originally created by third parties) on their sites, whether text or pictures, and who believe, by doing so, they take copyright for themselves. Please stop complaining elsewhere and try contacting us directly. If you have copied the material yourself, you cannot apply one rule to your site and another to ours. Most of us, in trying to understand the lives of our ancestors, are quite happy to is sad that you are not!